Airplane Simulator Games – What You Must Know Before Downloading

Airplane Games – What To Look For In A Simulator

Good airplane simulator games downloads continue to develop user-friendly enhancements with frequent software upgrades. Current flight simulator games model their flight controls after dials found in the actual cockpits of today’s combat jets and airplanes.

Plane catalogs featuring airplane simulator downloads are growing rapidly, showcasing a variety of airplanes from the 1903 Wright Flyer to the Boeing 747 and military F16's, with the flexibility of being able to modify and customize your aircraft.

Here is a detailed list of features you should look for and expect that is worth your time and attention before downloading.

7 Key Things To Look For In Airplane Simulator Games

1 - Many Interesting Flight Missions

The primary objective of airplane games is to successfully complete missions. So to keep you engaged and avoid boredom, the best flight simulators give you an assortment of flight missions to carry out. Fulfilling these missions are easy to do with flight controls that are simple to manipulate. Available airports are taken into consideration because the more global airports you can fly to, the longer distances you can travel and the larger areas you can cover.

Another element that will keep you engaged in flight sims are the levels of difficulty. To add to the challenge of completing your flight mission are weather changes.

Factoring in wind changes, rainy weather or both, will cause you to take the necessary actions to land at the nearest airport. Flight games have grown in popularity due to the increased generations of those who play the game. They supersede other airplane simulators in that they create an authentic flying reality with compelling graphics and riveting missions.

2 - Progressive Levels Of Skill And Difficulty

As you thrive in playing - including maintaining your aircraft and successfully completing your missions - you will naturally want to progress to the more advanced levels. Considering the number and types of aircraft available for you to pilot in airplane simulator games; the more expansive the selection, the better. With the creative evolution of planes, helicopters and combat jets brought into existence throughout time, the aircraft list should be relatively long.

3 - Variety Of Aircraft From Different Eras

If airplane simulator games that include models from the 1920s and 40s are of interest to you, then you should keep an eye out for simulators that offer these in their selection catalog. The best airplane simulator games offer all kinds of aircraft models for you to fly virtually; the more intriguing the better.

4 - Real World Flight Experience

The entire point of exploring airplane simulator games is so that you can immerse yourself in the thrill piloting an airplane, without joining the Air Force or paying for flight training. The ingredients that makes it all so real are the changing weather conditions, scenery and time zones. These essentials are what make your adventure that much more fascinating in airplane simulator games. How exciting is that!

5 - Realistic Scenery and Detailed Landscapes

Cessna 172 Cockpit - LandingFor instance in flying simulators, if you are traveling from North America to Siberia, then the precise time zones should be reflected by the positioning of the sun and moon. Your flight simulator should provide you with a tangible feeling that allows you lose yourself in the belief that you are flying a real plane.

This may a bit intimidating initially, considering the potential crashes that might occur, especially as you learn to maneuver through the changing effects and atmospheres. The appealing aspects of airplane simulator games that make your experience seem so realistic are the varying distances, weather changes, time zones, hemispheres and scenery changes.

And speaking of scenery, be sure to go with airplane simulator games that delivers detailed scenery, not lacking realistic waterways, railways and roads. Wherever the city you are located, the flight simulator should accurately reflect the surrounding landscape. You should have no problem seeing contrasting lakes, oceans and rivers. Among these contrasts, good airplane simulator games also allow for combat firepower for those air fights with other players.

6 - System Compatibility

Another thing to take into consideration with airplane simulators is to know the capabilities of your operating system. As you progress, you want to have the flexibility of being able to insert flight simulator hardware into a USB port, because airplane simulator games don't come equipped with joysticks, pedals or switchboards that make advanced stages much more interactive.

7 - Unlimited Free Updates

The final feature to look for in a airplane simulator game is unlimited free upgrades, plus the ability to purchase additional enhancements for aircraft, airports and terrain.

Among all games played, here is the simulator that fulfills all 7 requirements.

Flight Simulator Game - The Official SiteSee For Yourself & Visit The Official Airplane Simulator Games Site

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ProFlight Simulator – My Airplane Simulator Games Review of ProFlight Simulator

ProFlight Simulator Review

ProFlight Simulator is one of the most popular airplane simulator games online today. In this ProFlight Simulator review we will take a look at this product and see what the pros and cons of this package are.

ProFlight Simulator – What Exactly Is This Package?

Before I go into details, lets take a look at the impressive stats. ProFlight Simulator comes complete with a fully realized and modeled world, with landmarks and accurate scenery for every part of the globe, powered by Google Maps.

The game even accurately maps the solar system and weather patterns are accessed in real-time to deliver true-to-life weather in every area of the globe. It truly does feel like you’re traversing the planet in the plane of your choice.

ProFlight Simulator Review - Military Airforce PlaneSpeaking of planes, there is a massive collection of aircraft at your disposal… all accurately modeled.

Over 120+ planes were available at the time of this ProFlight Simulator review, and more are being added all the time, thanks to the game’s dedicated team of expert developers.

However, with so many airplane simulator games out on the market and on the internet today, the real question… is ProFlight Simulator really worth the money?

To answer that question and to find if this simulator game is really for you, lets talk about some of the pros and cons of this flight sim.

ProFlight Simulator Review – The Pros And Cons


Extremely Realistic Flying

The ProFlight Simulator software is more realistic than any other flight simulation software available. It has been built to be as close to real life as possible. Everything from terrain and aircraft reactions to planetary alignments and movements.

After playing dozens of other flight simulators online, what stood out the most for me about ProFlight Simulator is the attention to detail.

Extensive Selection of Aircraft and Maps

Proflight Simulator International Airport DemoWhat I was impressed with the most was the professional, fully detailed, Real Life flight sim with support for over 20,000 of the worlds airports, extensive scenery packs as well as 120 different planes from Concords, F16s, Migs, airliners and more.

From the 1903 Wright Flyer piloted by the Wright Brothers, to the Boeing 747 and even the latest military fighter jet, ProFlight Simulator gives you the opportunity to experience a huge number of aircraft first hand.

Accurate World Mapping

ProFlight Simulator even goes to the extent of including accurate mapping of the solar system and real time weather. So if it’s raining in Florida in real life it will be raining in Florida in the game!

Incredibly Useful Bonuses That Beat Other Packages:

ProFlight Simulator BonusesWhen you order ProFlight Simulator you will also receive these 4 bonuses which no other flight sim package offers:

1. Interactive Scenery Designer (Create Your Own Scenes & Landscape)

2. Kelpie Flight Planner (A Must Have)

3. Aeron Combat Flight Simulator Game (Most Intensive Flight Combat You’ll Experience Anywhere)

4. Professional Airplane Flying Handbook (281 Full Color Pages)

Great MultiPlayer Options

ProFlight Simulator has an online component has been expertly implemented. Two that stood out in the online mode were formation flying and chatting, which to be honest I thought were put together brilliantly.

“This is the most complete and thorough aircraft package available. WAY MORE COMPREHENSIVE THAN Microsoft Flight Simulator Deluxe, BY FAR!!!” John Harvey – Sydney, Australia

Money Back Guarantee

The product comes with 60 days money back guarantee and if you are not completely satisfied with what you get, you will receive your money back.

Free Updates For Life

What’s more, included in the ProFlight Simulator package are free updates which ensures that there is a constant stream of content which compliments the package more.


It May Take Time To Download The Package

The size of this download package is not small and if you have slow internet connection it may take you an hour or so (depending on your system) to download all the blueprints.

In this case it may be a good idea to upgrade to the DVD edition (you can do it in the members’ area).

May Be A Bit Overwhelming At First

Just because there are so many different aircraft and maps, the members’ area can be a little overwhelming at first. However the downloads are organized by category and once you get started, you will find it is not difficult to find what you are looking for.

A Simulation – Not an Arcade Game

ProFlight Simulator Suite - Download HereThis is a great benefit in my opinion, but I do need to clarify this because some folks may prefer an “arcade” version of a flight simulator.

Before you can fully appreciate real flight simulator games you have to learn the controls. If instant gratification is more your preference (arcade style flying), ProFlightSimulator may not be for you.

However, if you have the time and patience to devote to learning, many hours of hugely enjoyable REALISTIC gaming await you.

Bottom Line

Overall, there is no doubt that ProFlight Simulator is one of the best value airplane simulator games available on the market.

We went into this review somewhat skeptical of the high praise it has received from others but walked away happily converted. ProFlight Simulator looks, sounds and plays better than any other flight simulator on the market, and has more planes, locations and options available to boot. ProFlight Simulator will keep even the most devoted gamer busy for months, exploring the beautiful planet we call home.

All in all, ProFlight Simulator is a great airplane that will appeal to new and veteran flight simulation fans alike.

ProFlight Simulator Official Website Click Here To Download ProFlight Simulator From The Official Website

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Online Airplane Simulators Defined

What Are Airplane Simulators

Online airplane simulators are computer programs that create a virtual flight environment that allows regular people the opportunity to control and pilot a fully functioning aircraft.

Here anyone can explore a world where flying an airplane is a very real and attainable goal. In my opinion, these games are one of the gaming world’s best inventions. Current simulator games are designed to be so realistic that you actually feel as if you are flying a real airplane. In fact, the majority of pilots use airplane simulators before ever going up in the sky.

Since the time computers were introduced to us, online airplane simulators have been a favorite among gamers and flight sim enthusiasts. Game quality and features have expanded and improved since the inception of airplane simulator games. These flight simulators continue to evolve as each generation includes new and enhanced capabilities. A few flight simulators offer you a selection of airplane design options, graphics and flight era. The technological progression of airplane simulator games, allowing room for increased intelligence and expertise, could someday equip aspiring flight devotees with many of the required skills needed to get into the pilot’s seat of an actual airplane and take off.

Why Play Flight Games

Online Airplane Simulator - Navy PlaneYou will find most flight games have a complete map of the entire world, affording the freedom to fly where ever you want. Considering you have plenty of fuel, you can take off from the airport nearest you and land anywhere you designate. As you start out on the runway and prepare to take flight, you begin to feel like you are in the cockpit piloting a real airplane.

I prefer airplane simulator games that offer a lot of variety. The one I play has over 150 different types of aircraft, which is awesome. I love the challenge of figuring out what’s special and unique about each one The aircraft capabilities can range from relatively simple to excitingly complex. Airplane preference is typically determined by the kind of flying you intend to embark on. Smaller airplanes allow for easier flying and are great for short distance travel without having to refuel.

Larger planes in simulators are more challenging but provide the advantage of longer travel to foreign countries. I love how my skill set & experience has grown from flying flight simulators in airplane simulator games, and in my quest to find the one right for me, I have researched and played different ones. When choosing online airplane simulators, be certain the one you choose is the latest flight sim available.

Up until recently I played Microsoft Flight Simulator X, but have since discovered one that is significantly better with exceptional features and has real time Google Maps integration, mapping out real world scenery of cities, terrains, roads, lakes and land cover. You’re probably aware that there are several airplane simulator games out there.

Trust me when I say, not all airplane simulators are the same. I narrowed my search down to a few and found only one that fit the bill – measured up to what I was looking for. During your online search, be sure to focus on airplane simulator games that present pictures of airplanes, helicopters, screenshots of varying flight environments and videos.

Airplane Simulator Online Official WebsiteDownload The Online Airplane Simulator From The Official Website

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Airplane Simulator Games – Reviews That Made My Decision

Airplane Simulator Games Reviews That Helped Me To Make A Wise Decision

I played quite a few airplane simulator games during my research before ultimately deciding on my current flight simulator game. There were questions that arose after downloading previous simulator games, many of them technical. So to avoid wasting more time with downloads with limited options and getting disappointed, I began searching for reviews of flight games (and even among these you gotta be cautious to weed out truth from fiction).

Here I want to share two great reviews that helped me in my decision making process. After reading them, I felt I got an honest review from someone who new what he was talking about, as well as answering the comparison questions I was having at the time regarding these specific airplane simulator games:

  • ProFlight Simulator vs. Flightgear
  • ProFlight Simulator vs. FlightProSim

Airplane Simulator Games Recommendation - ProFlightSimulatorRead the following reviews about these flight games. I believe they can also help you in answering any questions you may have about the best flight simulator game to go with.

Researching & testing simulators can be challenging. These reviews helped me considerably in determining the simulator game that met all of my requirements. You’ll see and understand why ProFlight Simulator is my airplane simulator games recommendation.

Airplane Simulator Games Review 1
source: goarticles

ProFlightSimulator Is Better Than FlightProSim! – An Honest Review by John Harrison

I’m a member of the flight simulator network where I review top airplane simulator games. There are currently 2 similar flight sims on the market – namely ProFlight Simulator and FlightProSim. Both of these seem similar so I wrote to the creator of ProFlight Simulator and FlightProSim for a clarification.

I thought it would be good to get a perspective of the differences and help clarify the issue. So this article is a review of the airplanes simulator games, ProFlightSimulator and FlightProSim

My airplane simulator games conclusion? ProFlightSimulator is a MUCH BETTER product compared FlightProSim. Here are some reasons why ProFlightSimulator is a FAR SUPERIOR product to other airplane simulator games.


Pro Flight Simulator has a new 3.0 custom launcher that makes launching a new game easier. It is compatible with multiple operating systems and supports more hardware configurations than FlightProSim.

I couldn’t get FlightProSim or Flightgear to run on my system. FlightProSim is completely laggy and it crashes non-stop. However, with Pro Flight Simulator, I was able to run the game smoothly.


Within 3 weeks of my purchase, I had a new update from Pro Flight Sim. The next update will be coming in 1 month’s time. They offer far more frequently updates than all other airplane simulator games. There will be 10 more new aircraft to play with and 50 more scenery packs in the next update. This offers far more value than FlightProSim.


There are easy-to-follow video tutorials to teach you how to get started flying. I couldn’t find this in FlightProSim. These video tutorials make it easy for me to learn how to fly the aircraft.

There are also illustrated guides spanning over 100+ pages which you can refer to at anytime during the flight.


I was able to use my Saitek and Logitech joysticks with ProFlightSimulator with ease. I had trouble trying to get them to work with FlightProSim or FlightGear. It comes with easy joystick configuration options that syncs with your existing hardware. No more hassles and headaches trying to get your hardware to work.


ProFlightSimulator is a *much better* game and offers MORE VALUE for money (great updates!) than the majority of airplane simulator games. It also has a higher chance to work with your system. The 4 free bonuses they give also sweetens the deal. So take flight today with ProFlightSimulator – the most realistic flight sim in the market…

What Caught My Attention About This Particular Airplane Simulator Games Review

The above review really helped in my airplane games search to choose an airplane game that was right for me, as well as a flight simulator that met all of my requirements.

View airplane simulator games testimonial for ProFlight Simulator =>

When searching for flight simulators, it’s important that the game can run smoothly on your system, expert online technical support is provided if needed and there are frequent upgrades made to keep the game interesting and ever evolving.

Video tutorials are another feature I was looking for because I’d rather view videos, than read a manual that’s hundreds of pages long or seek answers in an airplane simulator games forum.

Now, the next review was really helpful because I was having a difficult time determining what exactly made Pro Flight Simulator different from Flightgear. They both seemed similar, but after reading the following the difference was clear.

Airplane Simulator Games Review 2
source: blogspot

ProFlight Simulator is NOT Flightgear! by flightsimu

I’ve sent an email to Dan Freeman of to inquire:

“Dan, ProFlightSimulator seems to be based on Flightgear. Could you explain why you’re charging for this?”


ProFlight Simulator is an open source stand alone Flight Simulator.

As always disclosed this is a split / branch from the FlightGear community and has been set up for a very specific reason. It’s different from FG due to the many major changes to the game.

Here are some of the changes:

- A plug and play system that works without the hassles of advanced customization.
Makes it easy to start playing the game without having the need to perform complex technical installation.

- We offer a one stop launch system and makes it easy to add aircraft +  scenery.
No more fiddling with files and not knowing where to copy them. It’s a one-click installation process. The complete start up of the game was rewritten to help new users with this issue.

- There is better hardware and add-on software interfacing capabilities.
Eg: Joystick support

- We’ve incorporated more photo realistic scenery.
New updates are added monthly.

- Reduced the lag effect in flying

- New aircraft models are added on a regular basis.
FG does not provide new updates very regularly.

- VATSIM network integration!
Fly with other pilots on aviation networks.

To be compliant, we’ve released the game under the GNU/GPL license. All images are attributed and licensed according to their respective licenses.

There are also planned works to include a few major improvements in the next few months namely:

  • Improving joystick interface (one-click configuration with all major flight control hardware)
  • Intergrating VATSIM and other network support
  • Constant development of new aircraft and new scenery’s

It would be much much different from what FlightGear was.

We have a team of paid developers who are working full time to add new code and new ideas to fully develop this. As such, the cost you’ll be paying will go into the development of this game. There will be new changes and updates every month.

This is a separate branch of FlightGear and it may be based on it but it is definitely NOT similar in the aspects mentioned above.

To say it is simply FlightGear would be inaccurate and illegal. I hope that explains our position regarding these airplane simulator games. Visit now to download.

How This Airplane Simulator Games Review Helped Me

Again, this particular airplane simulator games review clearly clarified the difference between ProFlight Simulator and Flightgear which made my decision to purchase. Another thing I hate about many airplane simulator games is the frequent lag effect you experience when you’re flying. That “reduced lag time” is mentioned in the review, added in my decision to get ProFlight Simulator.

During my research of airplane simulator games, two important factors were absolutely necessary in my mind… the elimination of complicated installation and having to deal with the headaches of advanced customization. I was impressed with the plug & play feature, as well as the one stop launch system for adding aircraft and scenery. The faster I can play, the better… a critical feature that should be incorporated in all airplane simulator games.

And lastly, most airplane simulator games are void of VATSIM integration. The fact I can play with other players on other networks sealed the deal for me. So what are you waiting for, go with my first choice in airplane simulator games…

Airplane Simulator Games - Click HereClick Here To Download My Flight Simulator Recommendation

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Airplane Simulator Games Online – Why I Love Them

Airplane Games – The Beginning

I suppose my love of airplane simulators began back in 1986 when I was sitting in my living room watching MTV and Van Halen’s “Dreams” music video came on featuring the legendary “Blue Angels”.

I was mesmerized and amazed by the spectacular flight acrobatics, as well as the skill and bravery one much have to execute such incredible stunts… MAN!!! Incredible! That video made such an impact on me at the time, that becoming a military pilot was a serious consideration… but life took me in a different direction. However all was not lost… I discovered airplane simulator games online.

Airplane Simulators Are Next Best Thing To Actual Flight

The desire to fly never left me and short of paying for flight lessons, I discovered that playing airplane games online gets me pretty damn close to experiencing real flight adrenaline without the risks… while providing me with some inexpensive flight simulator training in case one day I do decide to actually become a licensed pilot.

Airplane Games Made Me A Flight Sim Enthusiast

I have learned a lot throughout the years searching for airplane simulator games, like what to look for in aircraft variety (airplanes, helicopter, combat jets, historic planes), ease of use, flight skill advancement and system compatibilities. With the technology available today, there are a few airplane games that are quite awesome in terms of graphics and realism.

I love flight games because they allow would-be pilots like myself to immerse ourselves in a world where we take control of a fully-functioning airplane or jet and take flight, right in our own home. Because of the realism of current simulator games, we can now sit in a 3D representation of an airplane cockpit and fly an airplane. So if you want to feel what it’s like to pilot an airplane, then playing airplane simulator games is the answer.

Aircraft & Mission Variety In Airplane Simulators Online

See yourself selecting from a wide array of aircraft that are a part of top notch airplane simulators online – from fighter jets to commercial airplanes, helicopters to gliders, historical planes to the shuttle – and flying anywhere in the world or space. Imagine sitting in a realistic cockpit as you take control of your aircraft and prepare to take off in your flight simulator. You can activate any number of exciting missions.

Airplane Simulator Games Online - Fire Emergency MissionPatrol your country’s airspace against potential threats to national security in your military F16, fly passengers to exotic locations in your 747 or fly emergency missions where you skill in needed to put out wildfires. On beautiful days, take leisure flights with the family to appreciate the countryside or take midnight flights to see the world from above with someone special.

Airports and graphics are more attractive and sophisticated. A recent graphic addition of one airplane simulator incorporates moving cars on the ground below, flocks of birds and other flying airplanes in the air, plus other indicators of life. Good airplane simulator games online reveal an accurate and clear view while in flight. The best flight games simulate realistic background movement to further intensify your flying experience.

Airplane Simulator Games Online Offer Limitless Flight Possibilities

You can program a variety of scenarios that suit your preference. You can:

  • Test your flying skills with different aircraft types
  • Land at different airports around the world
  • Fly right over your home
  • Fly all over the world
  • See incredible scenery that you can change and control
  • Take off day or night
  • Control realistic night lighting for runways
  • Fly in formation with other airplane simulator games fans
  • Fly using autopilot
  • Use air to air refueling

What To Look For

You want to narrow your choices to airplane simulator games that will meet your needs and expectations. The best will have stunning graphics. Those with laughable graphics (airplanes, scenery, terrain) are a waste of time and will not motivate you to fly. Visually appealing, realistic graphics are standard in quality flight simulators. Your flight sim graphics should project real world environmental features and terrain. This will add to the reality of your flight experience. You will forget you’re playing airplane simulator games online and begin to feel like you are actually flying.

Stay away from airplane simulators that are complicated to install, because it can be extremely disappointing when after all that work, you find you have a shoddy product with that has frequent glitches and lag time in flight. The whole point of airplane simulator games is to replicate an exciting, realistic flight experience on your PC, which is why it is important to go with the game that offers you many different types of aircraft to choose from along with flight simulator missions ranging from fun to challenging. It’s fundamental for airplane simulator games online to create an experience real enough to keep you engaged and facilitate the continued development of your personal flight technique.

Most games will not provide demo downloads, making it difficult to determine which ones are really good. With each new advancement, simulator games online have continued to evolve and become more interactive. The right airplane simulator download comes with everything you need to test your flight skills from the secure comfort of your home. Whether for pure fun or you intend a future in aviation, airplane simulator games online establish a virtual world where you can complete the training drills, checks and flight missions real pilots go through.

For example, good airplane simulator games should be based on the real flight controls, cockpit, tools and equipment in the aviation field. Finding the best flight simulator will mean picking the one that give you the greatest advantage over all the others in the market and making sure the necessary features are incorporated.

Providers have to keep on top of the changes in the aviation industry and with their competitors in order to keep their customers happy. In fact, a couple of the best airplane simulator games are actually used by the aviation industry to train their pilots. So if airplane simulator games online were not as close to the real thing as you could get, there would be no point in using them.

The current generation of online flight games have definitely progressed beyond just being relegated to the fields of “games” or “entertainment”. They have evolved into truly amazing instruments that are used for both pilot training and gives us would-be pilots admittance to a world we would otherwise not have access to.

Airplane Simulator Games Online - ProFlight SimulatorGo Here To Download Airplane Simulator Games Online

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Airplane Simulator Games For Enjoyment & Training

Airplane Simulator Games For Virtual Flight Enjoyment

Airplane simulator games are artificial systems that can simulate the action of realistically flying an aircraft. These flight simulators come in a variety of forms, from computer downloads to an authentic cockpit reproduction.

Aviation uses airplane simulator games for many purposes, from pilot training to military and civil aircraft augmentation.

Airplane Simulator Games & The Aerospace Industry

Airplane Simulator Games Space ShuttleIn the aerospace industry, engineers use airplane simulation games for testing and development of aircraft hardware and software components. Generally they are best utilized for pilot training. Beginners who cover multiple aircraft systems are known as PPT (Part Task Trainers). CPT (Cockpit Procedures Trainers) is for cockpit familiarity and covers basic cockpit procedures, including drills and checks practice. High-end FFS (Full Flight Simulators) are equipped with motion platforms that allow for 6-DoF (six degrees-of-freedom) blended with a system that allows for a real world view.

Technically advanced airplane simulator games come with a Control Loading System (CLS) to provide the feel of real pilot controls for those in training. You can also experience three rotations and linear movements in advanced flight simulation games. Other heightened features that can be found in airplane simulator games are emergency operating checklist, including aircraft system malfunctions, such as pressurization and hydraulics.

Airplane Simulator Games Predecessor

The software for flight sims used in aviation and aerospace was the forerunner for the technical programs & software downloads current airplane simulator games are based. The goal of flight simulators is to attract a large audience by creating a realistic flying environment derived from real world data. What is great about these games is the duality of use – for training pilots and exciting at home entertainment.

Airplane Simulator Games Are Used By Top Flight Schools

While almost anyone can pass a driver’s test to get out on the road, specialized airplane simulator training is required to become a commercial airline or military pilot. Before being allowed to fly multimillion (sometimes billion) dollar aircraft, firsthand flight experience and expert practice techniques must be mastered by pilots in training, primarily immersing themselves in the virtual world of airplane simulator games.

A variety of approaches using airplane simulator games are employed by specialty flight schools to accurately train beginner pilots. They are one of the primary instructional tools flights schools use to assist and train students. The purpose is to simulate the experience of real flying, which is what makes airplane simulator games downloads so effective.

Another reason airplane simulator games are so practical is the range of diversity, from basic computer download to actual airplane cockpit with fully functioning controls and technology. You will find some of the best flight simulators in the top flight schools. However, you don’t have to go to flight school to access really good flight simulators. Many software downloads are readily available online. Airplane simulator games provide a realistic environment for pilots in training to fly without the worry of crashing or flying a real airplane.

Advancement Of Airplane Simulator Games

Airplane simulator games go beyond being just mere flight simulators. A few provide access to:

  • An array of over 100′s of aircraft
  • Fluctuating weather conditions & environments
  • Realistic landscapes & scenery derived from Google Maps, NASA updates and the US Defense Mapping Agency

Airplane Simulator Games Realistic LandscapeMany aspects are considered in the implementation of game design, like aircraft response, planet alignment, terrain, etc. The aim of airplane simulator games downloads is closely simulate a realistic flying environment.

Airplane Simulator Games Versatility

The versatility of airplane simulator games can also be found in control options for maneuverability in varying climates, challenging weather, changing time zones, flying at night and seasonal influences. Realistic flight controls help in the aircraft’s instrumentation maintaining fluid motion and animation. The development of one particular flight simulator took into account aircraft response to velocity and pressure, including perennial system failure. You want to also check out the combat flight simulator feature in airplane simulator games downloads to feel what flying in combat situations is all about without fear of death.

Airplane Simulator Games - Moon LandscapeAirplane simulator games provide important knowledge as to what you should do in the event of something going wrong or failing and lives are in your hands. Flight schools understand the value of first-rate airplane simulator games for student flight training. These are perfect for flight training schools, flight sim enthusiasts and games who love a fantastic flight simulation game.

Flight simulators that acknowledge real world problems, concerns and risks are the type of flight sims you want to be on the lookout for. The most realistic airplane simulator games are those that fully prepare future pilots for flight.

You will find many of the best airplane simulator games offer a wide range of aircraft, scenery and missions to choose from. Once flight simulators were made available to download online, it radically changed the scope of airplane simulator games entertainment.

Have no doubt, I have tested many airplane simulator games on the market and have finally found a game worth personally recommending. It can be extremely frustrating to be misled by claims that turn out to be false, leaving you with low grade flight simulators on your hard drive.

After much research and hundreds for flight hours logged from playing several airplane simulator games online, I’ve finally found one that allows you the experience of real life flying without leaving your house… these airplane simulator games are real winners.

Airplane Simulator Games ProFlight SimulatorClick Here For The Best Of Airplane Simulator Games

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Airplane Simulator Games – What’s Right For You

Dispelling Myths

It is a bit of a frequent misnomer that airplane simulators are “games”, when they are not games at all in the traditional sense.  The term refers to so much more than mere video games that people and children play. They are used by the military, by commercial airlines, as well as real everyday people.  It is because airplane simulator games are so diverse that people must be aware of the fact that there really are two types of individuals who utilize these type of flight games.

Professional Use

The first type of airplane simulator games is made for airplane pilots in training. It does not matter if the pilot is trying to earn his combat wings so that he can become a military fighter pilot or a commercial airlines pilot. In either circumstance, you will use specialized equipment to simulate flying an airplane.

The equipment in question is very technologically advanced and sensitive. It is built to mimic the cockpit of a real airplane and will have all the same readouts and controls that a real cockpit has. It is also built on a platform that tilts and turns, giving you , as you learn, the realistic sensation of operating a real airplane. The type of cockpit depends on the type of airplane the pilot is being trained to fly. Airplane simulator games enable the pilot to practice flying an aircraft in a real world flight experience.

For this purpose airplane simulators should not be thought of as mere games, and are not treated as such. The mock up cockpits are very sensitive and are built to mimic everything a real airplane or fighter jet has to offer, right down to flying weight and wind resistance. If not careful, the pilot in training can easily crash their aircraft.

However, because these are games, no one is actually hurt and nothing is damaged. This is important because it keeps lives safe and collateral damage down. To have access to a airplane simulator games also means that the pilot can practice as often as he or she wants. In fact, they must perfect their flight sim experience over and over before being allowed near a real airplane. This is also why pilots today are so well trained and careful when flying airplanes. Needless to say airplane simulator games are a safe alternative to training pilots of all creeds and economic backgrounds.

For Excitement & Fun

The second type of airplane simulator game is made for the everyday person. This individual might not want to train to become a pilot. They might not want to fly a real airplane. They might simply want to have some pure fun  & excitement for several hours. Going out and renting a pilot and airplane to fly around is costly and not something the average person can do easily. Here is where the second type of individual who plays airplane simulator games flies into action.

Airplane Simulator Games CockpitAirplane games that are made for regular people are meant to be played on a computer or gaming console. They often require a trip to the nearest game store so that the game can be purchased or you can sit right at your computer and download airplane simulator games online. Still, that is a small price to pay for the hours of excitement that are soon to follow. By playing these types of games one can be a combat fighter pilot in World War II, or a photographer taking pictures from his airplane.

For the average person, flight simulators allow for a realistic flying experience without having to literally learn how to fly a real plane. Another advantage of flight games played on a PC or a gaming console is that they can simulate the experience of flying historic aircraft. This kind of experience is out of reach even for trained professionals as most of those aircraft exist only in museums or in private collections. Many of these aircraft are unsafe to fly and wouldn’t be flown by a real pilot, except through airplane simulator games.

These games are also, in many ways, traveling simulations. A person can have the sensation of flying over any place on the earth’s surface, even areas that wouldn’t be accessible otherwise. It is even possible to play those that simulate with a great deal of accuracy a pilot flying an aircraft on Mars.

Online Advantages

There is a dedicated following of airplane simulator games among gamers of all genders, ages and background. Some titles have grown into niche legends, and are so close to the real thing that the uninitiated can find them downright scary and unapproachable. A good place to investigate information on the best airplane simulator games is the internet.

There are many communities online dedicated to airplane simulator games enthusiasts and fans. In these places, it is possible to find people whose passion is a particular type of aircraft or a particular time period in flight history. It is even possible to find experts on aircraft that never flew, experimental designs that were never built, or designs meant to handle situations that aircraft today can’t handle, such as those stated above – airplane simulator games set on the surface of another planet.

These online spaces for fans of airplane simulator games are great places to start for someone with an interest in flying. The inside of a cockpit is an intimidating sight to someone who does not know much about airplanes in general. Sometimes, the best way to learn what all the readouts and instruments do is to attempt to fly on one’s own, even if it is merely in airplane simulator games.  It would be beneficial to research the best airplane simulator games downloads. It has been proven that airplane simulator games offer a good bit of experience for people who may one day dream of being pilots.

Increasing Popularity

Many advancements are incorporated in airplane simulator games with each new generation. It’s very easy to test flight capabilities from your computer with the right flight simulator download. Anyone can practice and experience actual flight sim drills that pilots have to master by playing airplane simulator games.

Airplane Simulator Game Combat JetAirplane simulator games allow people the opportunity to control real world aircraft and participate in an environment where becoming an expert pilot can actualized. With current simulator games, many of the customized controls are like those in real planes. Aircraft selections are becoming more diversified, including the freedom to customize your own airplane. There is also significant graphic, scenery, and design improvements.

The virtual sensation of seeing life indicators like other airplanes, flying birds, scenery, and moving cars on highways beneath you are welcome additions to current simulation games. The best airplane simulator games offer clear visuals while in flight. It is a truly realistic experience that airplanes simulator games deliver when you see the background moving as you complete your flight mission.

Completing flight missions is the common goal in airplane simulator games. The best provide a variety of missions to complete, keeping you entertained and challenged. Mission completion is obtainable with flexible flight controls. Also, the number of airports available globally, and fuel, are significant factors to consider in determining flight distance. To add to the equation, weather changes will occur and depending on the severity, certain processes in airplane simulator games must be completed to land your airplane at the nearest airport.

The popularity of airplane simulator games continues to evolve. They are unique to other games in that many are used in flight training schools are well as in the homes of regular individuals. As your master and complete airplane simulator game levels, you will be hooked on the excitement and sustained desire to build upon your flight skills.

Getting Serious

If you are really serious about airplane simulator games then you are also keen about coming as close to a true flight reality as possible. Because to be honest, without a realistic flight experience, going through the process won’t be worth the effort. Getting all you want in one package begins with researching flight simulation features important to you and seeking out the airplane simulator games that offer them.

Once you become familiar with the popular flight simulators, like ProFlight Simulator, Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Flight Sim Pro, you will have no problem recognizing the main features that are important. It is also good to know what flight sim enthusiasts are saying online about their experiences with airplane simulator games, most certainly pay attention to statements regarding the realism of the simulator game.

Airplane simulators are made to suit the needs of a variety of people with different goals. They aid the military train fighter pilots so that when in combat they can provide solid support to ground troops. Airplane simulator games also help commercial airlines train pilots so that people can travel safely. They also enable many people train to become pilots, whether as a combat pilot, explorer, traveler or gamer. Airplane simulator games do all of these things in a safe, interactive and real manner.

What is truly fantastic is how easily you can download them to begin experiencing the joys of flight or the adrenaline of combat.

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